4 Reasons Every Athlete Needs Regular Massage Therapy

By James Barbosa, RMP


1.     Reduce Pain, Knots and Risk of Injury- CrossFitters do intense workouts.  Sometimes these types of workouts can put stress on the entire body. The more stress placed on the body the greater the chance of injury. Massage therapy can help. Massage therapy will increase circulation and relax the muscles which will reduce tension and increase flexibility. This will reduce the risk of a muscle tears and other injuries.  Knots in the muscles are very common and cause a lot of pain in some instances. Using deep tissue and trigger point therapy I will be able to reduce the pain, tension and knots and get you back to doing crazy WOD’s.


2.     WOD Prep and WOD Cool-down- CrossFitters are bad asses!  Twenty minutes of sports massage will get the heart rate up, get the blood into the muscles and get you ready to tackle any WOD. Twenty minutes post event sports massage will do just the opposite. It will cool the muscle down, get the heart rate back to a normal level and prevent soreness and cramping after a workout. Definitely warm up and cool down before a workout as normal; however, massage therapy can get into places that the athlete may not be able to reach alone. Not saying you should get a massage before and after EVERY, single workout. Still, it’s good to do before or after a competition, before going for a PR, or as a gift to yourself or a friend for a great workout.


3.     Improve Overall Health- Massage therapy will increase the athlete’s circulation.  Blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and cleans the body of waste products that muscles produce during workouts and daily activities. However, due to stress on the body from life and working out, knots and tension occur in the muscle. With these issues comes decreased circulation of blood, which means quality blood does not reach the muscles and dirty, waste filled blood accumulates in the muscles. Increasing circulation will increase health, prevent disease, and lower blood pressure.


4.     Add to Quality of Life- As a CrossFitter, you’ve chosen an amazing lifestyle.  Don’t stop there. Eat healthy foods; drink plenty of water and go get a massage. Massage therapy will reduce mental and physical stress. Things get rough sometimes and life can be overwhelming. Massage can help balance that out and get the mind back to normal. Massage will also relax the muscles and reduce tension on organs and bones. Balance is essential to a happy and successful in life and in training.


James Barbosa, RMP (Registered Massage Practitioner) specializes in Trigger Point, deep tissue and sports massage therapy. His passion has always been to help people, as a massage therapist he helps athletes maximize their performance. His techniques improve muscle growth, range of motion and decreases pain, knots and risk of injury. Simply put, James ide deciated to help  the athlete surpass their goals, take their training to the next level and beat the competition.

James is available for individual appointments at CrossFIt Critical Mass for amazing rates.  Please contact kim@crossfitcriticalmass.com for more information.  Each session will be tailored to the individual athlete. You have no excuses. Become the best version of yourself, let James help.