by Justine Pfieffer,  Coach; CFL1

Coach Justine lifting big weight!

Coach Justine lifting big weight!

Here is the thing: moms need CrossFit as much as Rich Froning needs CrossFit. We will probably never make money from doing CrossFit, but it can do a whole lot of other amazing things. I have three children and I work full time. The year I started CrossFit, my husband deployed to Afghanistan for almost a year.  Simply put, CrossFit saved my sanity that year. Each time I lifted a barbell, flopped on the floor for a burpee, or swung my body to pull up on the bar, I was becoming stronger and better in every way. Moms manage schedules, carpools, practices, meals, chores, and sometimes manage to squeeze in something fun. CrossFit is a little island of relief. So, what can CrossFit do for moms? I have narrowed down the long list of benefits into the most powerful gifts CrossFit has to offer to the Mama Bears out there.


#1 CrossFit Makes You Nicer.

I can sometimes find myself losing my cool over things that aren’t really that big of a deal. I need something to relieve that tension and stress. Let me tell you, after a CrossFit workout I am almost always lying on the floor of my gym panting, sweating, and wondering if my heartrate will ever return to normal. All the nastiness, the bitterness, the stress has been cleansed out of your system. You’re too damn tired to be mean!  After I workout I smile more, I laugh more, and I look at the harder moments of life with a new angle. If I can finish the Filthy Fifty, then I can do dishes without complaining. Moms need to have time for ourselves because we tend to be over committed to the other people in our lives. CrossFit allows us to have that time for ourselves in a way that relieves tension and creates a nicer mom who can deal with all that moms have to conquer in a day. 

#2 CrossFit Makes You Sexier.

Duh. Muscles look awesome. Feeling strong is like the absolute best motivator ever. I have muscles that I never ever thought could show up on my body. I look like an athlete. I feel like an athlete. Athletes are sexy. What else can I say? Oh yeah, sex is better when you’re strong and especially when you feel sexy. Not just moms, but all women should feel sexy in their own skin. Ask a woman to name their faults and you’re in for a long conversation. But, ask what a woman likes about herself and you will have a pretty quiet and quick conversation. I am no different than any other woman. I’m hard on myself and very quickly doubt my own beauty and strength. CrossFit took that mean bitch who lived inside my brain and bench pressed her before throwing her out. Moms deserve to feel beautiful. Period.

Coach Justine and her family.

Coach Justine and her family.

#3 CrossFit Makes You More Confident.

When you know that you just flipped a huge ass truck tire before most people got out of bed, you have a bit of a swagger to your step. When you see your lifts increase in weight and you finally can reduce the bands on your pull ups, the rest of the day seems possible. I look at simple things like moving a piece of furniture as a way to prove my strength. During the first year of CrossFit there is so much improvement for a new athlete. Just about every time you walk in the door, you PR (personal record)  something. The process of discovering new limits, new boundaries, new abilities is life changing. It’s exhilarating. How can confidence NOT benefit moms? We have to raise children into respectful, successful members of society. That’s a fairly daunting task. In the absence of confidence, resides doubt. CrossFit mamas out there can attack this job of parenting with newfound strength and confidence.


#4. CrossFit Allows Moms to Live Longer and Healthier Lives.

When folks start working out and seeing their progress, most people start wondering what they should eat to maximize their workouts and their body changes. When you bust your ass in the gym, you inevitably don’t want to ruin that work by eating a crappy diet. Time and again, members at our gym start asking about improving their nutrition after seeing their bodies start to change. When people start making positive changes with their eating, they see the progress in the gym and with their body skyrocket to a new level. If you’re a mom, you worry about what to feed your children, what to fix for dinner, what to pack in school lunches. CrossFit will make moms everywhere realize how important nutrition is for not just for our children but for ourselves. Moms need to  care for their own nutrition to guarantee they are strong and healthy for their children and their grandchildren. When moms start to take care of themselves, their children are witnessing what health means.  The proof of that was when we were recently on a road trip and my teenage son begged us not to stop for fast food for lunch. I sat in the front seat in shock. My teenage son just asked for a healthy lunch. He told me he felt horrible when he ate fast food. This is the kid who refused to eat my homemade breaded chicken when he was five. I am not going to lie, I cried little silent, happy, proud, wonderful tears in the car that day.


For all the moms out there, we can create healthy habits out there that benefit ourselves and our children. And we can look and feel better doing it. 


Coach Justine is a full-time teacher, graduate student, and devoted CrossFitter.  She is an amazing military wife to Ron, phenemonal mom to Hailey, Emma, and Adam, and a true friend to everyone at CFCM.  You can find her working out at 5am and coaching Friday night classes!  Learn more about her here!