If you’re going to fix your diet, it’s important that you start at the beginning.  Close to three out of every four Americans are dehydrated at any given time.  Whether you drink lots of soda and juice or you wait until you’re thirsty to drink almost all of us could stand to drink more water.  How to do it:  Every time you eat a meal, drink 8oz of water first and sit down with a full glass of water to accompany your meal.  Carry a water bottle with you…the bigger the better (it’ll last longer), the more convenient the water is the easier it will be to sip some now, and sip some again in a few minutes.  Keep a water bottle next to your bed while you sleep and if you wake up at any time in the middle of the night, drink some.  Drink more if you just visited the restroom.


Really…..just. stop.  How to do it: stop



      How much of the food that you eat every day was made by you or someone you know?  Prepackaged processed food-like items are the first things to get rid of.  Even the “protein bars” that are marketed as healthy are usually just glorified candy bars. Cutting out the junk and eating actual food that you have prepared for yourself is not only much healthier in general but it is empowering and the flavors you can achieve when you create what you eat can be incredible!  How to do it:  Start shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store.  Read the ingredients label and if you see High Fructose Corn Syrup drop whatever it is and jump around on it so no one else can eat it either…just kidding…you can just put the HFCS back on the shelf and move on to the steak and chicken in the back of the store.  If you have questions or need suggestions feel free to ask the butcher!  They will be happy to give you some ideas, you can even take some inspiration from looking in the display at what they’ve done with their meats.  Fresh fruits and veggies are also around the edges of the grocery store.  Some are bland and add texture to your meal, some are so full of flavor it’ll knock your socks off.  Experiment with small amounts of everything you can get your hands on and see what you like.



      Look up local farms and go check them out. Farmers have EVERYTHING you need!  If they don’t have it on site they know exactly where to get it.  This is the healthiest food you can consume, you’re supporting the local economy, and if you have the storage space at home it can be the LEAST expensive way to feed your family.  How to do it:  Google is your friend, here.  When you talk to the farmer you want to know if they use antibiotics, if the animals are caged or free-range, where they get their food (if they don’t grow it themselves).


Sometimes, all of the choices in front of you are crap. Remember, some crap is better than other crap.