To start, if you are reading this and do not own a gym bag, then stop right now and go buy one. If you do not have one by now, you are probably that person that walks into the CrossFit gym and leaves a trail behind them. Your arms are so full of water bottles, rock tape, chicken breast, and “wod gear,” that you begin to set things down on every visible surface you can find. Go get a gym bag and you will have everything you need for your CrossFit workouts in one handy spot! Once you have your gym bag, make sure to fill it with these little gems.


Your hand care kit should include: cuticle cutters, a callus file, athletic tape, super glue to patch up a tear, and bag balm to soak into your calluses. Take care of those hands! Without them, you will be stuck doing abmat situps and sprintervals during the WOD.


Athletic tape is great for a quick fix or protecting your joints during a workout. It can also be used as a makeshift wrist wrap. Wrist wraps are just wonderful for giving extra support to your nimble wrists during CrossFit exercises like the overhead position, front rack, and even upside down for handstand pushups.



You never know when a coach might throw rope climbs into a CrossFit workout, so I always like to have my long socks or shin skins on hand. To keep things simple, be sure to keep at least one clean t-shirt in your bag.  The citizens of the world will thank you for taking that 20 seconds to switch out your shirt if, like me, you tend to run errands after your CrossFit training at the gym. If you really want to wow them, toss a stick of deodorant in your bag – and here’s some great advice — put it on before your workout!


You invest in the sweetest of gear, put in hours of CrossFit training, and push yourself to the limit during your CrossFit workouts. Why on earth would you neglect your body after your CrossFit workouts? Always keep some sort of protein in your gym bag. My favorite is a jar of almond butter. Other options are protein powder or a protein bar. If you cannot get in a meal of real food right away, you can at least replenish your body with some of the protein and other nutrients it so sorely needs after CrossFit routines.



Yes, I know the rat’s nest of jump ropes at the CrossFit gym is always a blast to untangle before your CrossFit workouts, but if you want to get consistent at double unders, it is time to get your own jump rope. Having your own rope provides you with more consistency in your CrossFit training, therefore you will develop a better rhythm and become a double under ninja in no time.

Stop wasting time and energy running back to your car because you forgot something and dumping your CrossFit training junk everywhere. Get yourself gym bag, fill it with stuff on this fancy list and you will be able to focus your efforts on racking up those PRs!