We all walk in to the first day of Foundations, head held high, proud of ourselves for deciding to make this commitment to our health. One of the first facts we learn is that CrossFit is based on Weightlifting, Metabolic Conditioning, and GYMNASTICS…This is when the new members turn their heads and chuckle in shock. Do we really have to go upside down on that wall? Must we fold ourselves in half to reach our feet to the bar? Gymnastics in CrossFit is not as scary as it may seem! We begin our journey with wobbly push-ups and timid handstands, but with our strength gains and confidence improvements, we find the gymnast inside us all.


       I was very excited to be able to program a month of “Gymnasty Strength”. I want to see each and every one of you succeed inside and outside of the gym. Gymnastics makes you stronger, but it also teaches you lessons of body awareness and patience. These are lessons you can take out of the gym. Overcoming fears of going upside down, or placing trust in your very own strength are also both important lessons to take into your everyday life. The odd and silly movements we have practiced, like inversions or splits, translate over into core strength, confidence strides, and proficiency in weightlifting movements! You may not see the correlation in the time being, but if you keep these skills in your repertoire, you will surely notice changes. I am very happy to see that everyone has given their all in attempting some of these movements- even when they seem rather meaningless.



       For every failure you have procured more fire to achieve your goal in the next round. The first time you attempted some of these skills, you may have been scared, frustrated, or helpless. I guarantee that you were not bored! In Gymnastics, just like life, you must get past the first step. The first step for us in CrossFit is the first repetition. The first handstand, inversion, or pull-up is always the hardest, but thereafter gives you a sense of pride and confidence to tackle the next rep. This programming was designed to fuel your flexibility, bodyweight strength, and skill proficiency. I hope you have each seen some of the results that we so badly want for all of you!

Everyone gave it their all, and remember that our bodies know these movements better than your mind lets on!