CrossFit Critical Mass Dominates At Gemini Games

Gemini Games is a one day competition for teams of two competitors, competing on two separate days. 368 athletes from across the Mid-Atlantic competed in 9 divisions to prove their fitness.

We are proud to have fielded a team of 18 athletes, nine teams at this year's event.  Our weekend kicked off on Saturday with Tracey and Kristina, Margaret and Lisa, Mark and Mike, and Coach Kim and Emilee competing in the scaled division.  Coach Justin and John and Coach Mike and Eric competed in the RX men's division. On Sunday, Coach Ali and Coach Tola competed in the Men/Women RX division, Coach Duane and Coach Justine in the Women/Men Masters, and Gabrielle and Marc competed in Women/Men Masters Scaled.

Tracey and Kristina, and Coach Kim and Emilee battled throughout the day.  Emilee hit a personal record on the squat clean ladder.  Tracey crushed her shoulder to overheads, squat cleans, and box jumps despite having a wicked cold. Kristina rocked box jumps and deadlifts even after suffering a fall on the box.  Coach Kim persevered through the day after a disappointing start on the squat clean ladder. These two teams finished tied for fourth in a stacked women's scaled division.


Marc and Gabrielle both hit personal records on the squat clean ladder. They crushed deadlifts, box jumps and Gabrielle cleaned house on kettle bell step-ups.  They took first place in both WOD 2 and WOD 3 to finish in first place in the Men/Women Masters scaled division.

Coach Justin hit a personal record in the squat clean ladder.  They placed well early and did not look back, maintaining their placement throughout all three WODs.  Both men crushed the final WOD (15-12-9 muscle-up and snatches) with a dominating final performance to take first place in Men/Men RX division.

Coach Ali and Coach Tola absolutely crushed their division.  They finished the clean ladder easily with Coach Ali squat cleaning 195 pounds and Coach Tola squat cleaning 255 with ease.  They both completed max reps thrusters after the workout.  They finished in first place by 100 points.  They finished first in WOD 2 by over a minute and finished first in WOD 3 by performing beautiful muscle-ups.  The final WOD was snatches and muscle-ups.  They finished in less than 5 minutes, a full 90 seconds faster than any other team.  Taking first in every workout, they completely dominated the men/women RX division for another first place performance.

All weekend the members of CrossFit Critical Mass were there to support.  We are blessed to have an amazing community of people, who all braved the cold temperatures to cheer on the athletes!  Though these are individual accomplishments, all the victories are ours to share after we work and train together in the gym to push each other toward our goals.  Our community is truly amazing.