The March 2016 CFCM Athlete of The Month (AOM) is a great example of dedication and hard work. The definition of transformation is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance, and this athlete epitomizes this word.

Shayne Gerber started CrossFit approximately 3 years ago, but his journey did not start easily. Most of us remember Shayne from his struggles with squatting or his fight against the box that he lost (broken hand). Those struggles are dots in his rear view mirror and only stand as examples of the work required to achieve this milestone.

Now, you find Shayne walking through the door at 0545 everyday to warmup/stretch and prepare to rep with the 0600 crew. His passion and hard work was recently on display when he came in 3rd place in the CFCM Open competition. One of his major highlights during the Open was completing 89 reps in 16.3.

The best example of an athlete's growth in fitness is to compare yesterday (2013) to today. His push press was 155 lbs. and now it's 225 lbs.  His squat was 185 lbs. (not even hitting full depth) and now it's 305 lbs at full depth.

Can't stop there! His accomplishments are endless. From not having pull-ups to now having bar and ring muscle ups. From overhead squats with just a bar to now hitting an OHS at 185 lbs. (more than his body weight). Recently hitting a 405 lb. deadlift with more left in the tank is not only impressive, but inspiring to all working on that pestering weakness.

Shayne has put in the time in and out of the box. Running on off days, eating healthy, and spending extra time before and after class are just a few examples of the WORK put in to achieve these milestones.

It used to be inspiring to all the coaches to see his dramatic improvements, but now it's expected of him to raise the bar. If you ask his coaches what additional lessons you would share with Shayne; It would be a unanimous response. "Stay close to your bar! That will help at least reduce his times by 30 seconds to a minute."

Please join us in congratulating Shayne Gerber as the CFCM March 2016 AOM.