What a weekend here at CrossFit Critical Mass!  Here at CFCM, competition season never ends. Athletes are always looking to test their fitness that they work so hard to achieve. Working day in and day out!

This weekend, Coach Ali Brill participated at the 4th annual RISE OF THE SOUTH competition at CrossFit Boro  in Statesboro, Georgia.  Surrounded by thousands of spectators and approximately 1200 athletes, Ali Brill rolled into Statesboro as a great athlete and walked out a champion. She set the tone early by winning the 1st workout and ultimately winning 4 out of 5 events, taking first overall. Trust and believe you will see the name Ali Brill throughout the end of 2016 and especially throughout the 2017 CrossFit competition season.


On the heels of competing in the NPGL Finals with the Boston Iron, it didn’t take long for Coach Tola Morakinyo to get back into the competition mode by competing in the CrossFit Team Series. Starting off with a commanding performance in 2 team series workouts.  Coach Tola teamed up with phenomenal athletes Alec Smith, Christen Wagner, and Madi Mansberger to make a team that will be a force in the CrossFit Team Series. Keep a lookout for the their next live workout. It’s amazing to watch these elite athletes test their fitness against the world.


Newcomers as a team, CFCM athletes, Emilee Tominovich, Leeza Malachevsky, Shayne Gerber, and Gianni Pablos have all made their names known individually in the local competition circle. They have now teamed up to form CFCM Magenta representing CrossFit Critical Mass in the CrossFit Team Series.

They crushed workout 3 (rowing and shoulder to overhead) and put Team Magenta on the map going live on FaceBook. With over 31,000 views, their live workout was picked up by the CrossFit Games page and shared with the world. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing your next workout!


Much love and respect to all our athletes from your CFCM family.

We Go Hard!