CFCM Competitors Out in Full Force This Weekend

CrossFit Critical Mass was founded based on a family friendly environment of support and community.   We are a small CrossFit community nestled in the heart of Maple Lawn, Maryland, where a family of friends support whenever and wherever needed. This support has been on display over the last 4 years and again this weekend.

It warms our hearts to see a family come together to support one another.   This weekend it was evident that miles will not limit or interfere with our community support team. We had athletes competing as far as Miami and closer to home in Virginia, and our CFCM family was out to support in full force!

Coach Ali Brill participated as an individual in Wodapalooza Fitness Festival (WZA) in the RX Women's division. WZA starts with a mandatory three week online challenge.  Coach Ali's performance in the online qualifier earned her the opportunity to participate in the 3 day competition in Miami, Florida, with some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world.  Coach Ali not only earned her spot to compete, but left her mark as one of the best athletes and a force in the Mid Atlantic Region by finishing 29th in her division. We can't wait to see you crush the Open, Brill.

The Lorton Games - The Masters took over Lorton, Virginia and CFCM was also there in full force. The Lorton Games had over 55 teams that participated in this event battling for some of the fittest masters athletes in the area. We had 4 teams compete from our CFCM community.

Our teams put on quite a display with 3 of the 4 teams making it to the finals. Phillip Kennedy and Coach Duane Graves just missed a spot in the finals by 2 points with a 6th place finish (12 teams). A new team partnership that will be heard in the future, so stay tuned. Great job guys! 

In the finals, the other 3 teams had some tough competition. That competition did not phase Mike Ellis and Marcus Scaidini. They dropped down an age class and team Dirty Old Men showed up and was recognized by taking 4th place. Nothing about these 2 is dirty or old - more like strong and unstoppable. Great job fellas! 


Throughout the day Tracey Perrick and Coach Kim Boettger took on all competitors by dominating the top 3 spots all day. That did not change in the finals where team Wonder Thighs took that 3rd place podium spot in the 35-39 Women's division. This was their first time competing together on a 2-person team, but they  have competed together in the past.  Their excellent communication was once again on display.  We see these athletes dominating even more competitions in 2017. 

Rounding out a day of milestones and great achievements was CFCM's team in the 35-39 Men's Division.  This team is another new pairing that showed another perfect match of skill and strength. All day, the combination of Adam Fisher and Coach Mike (Team Legion of Doom) held the number 1 spot. The competition was on their heels and they expected the finals to be no different. So in the final workout, they took control of their fate. They left their mark with a near flawless completion of the final WOD by blowing away the pack and walking away with the highest spot on the podium.   We had a great crowd of supporters cheering on these athletes throughout the weekend.  We are once again humbled and grateful for our community and the people in it.  

What a weekend! Our competitors thank you all for your support and giving them the opportunity to represent CFCM.   Now, see everyone at the Open!