Please join the coaches of CrossFit Critical Mass (CFCM) in congratulating Alex Jackson, for being selected as our Athlete of the Month for November 2017!

The love of CrossFit runs deep in this athlete.  Alex starts off the week by making it her biggest priority to get to the gym, as many days as she can, even at the expense of doing other things. Her motivation and dedication continue to inspire others, including her mother.

alex 2.jpg

Alex attends workouts during the week, and attends skills class on Saturday mornings at 8am to get extra work. She also is an open gym regular where she works on her gymnastics skills and finds additional time to do a workout.  Her time in the gym is really paying off, as she continues to build her strength and endurance.  This summer she RXed the hero WOD, Randy, and killed it!  In addition, her increased strength can been seen in her pull-ups.  In her words, she “had negative 1,000 pull-ups and now she can do 3 unbroken pull-ups"!

alex 1.png

She has been working especially hard on her handstands, including the handstand pushup, so much that she is developing her handstand walk and can already walk several feet on her hands.  Alex is very persistent and stays focused.

Due to her hard work and dedication over the past three to six months, she can be seen as one of, if not, the most improved athlete in the gym.  She has quickly been able to learn and build on all skills.  She never allows a difficult WOD or lift to hold her back from achieving her goals.  Alex knows that practice makes perfect, and with that, we know there will be many more great accomplishments to come.  

We are looking forward to it!