Athlete of the Month - Anthony McBride

When it comes to mobility and range of motion, it is something that can really limit an athlete from reaching their full potential in any kind of movement or lift. It can be a challenge for anyone to say the least, but with dedication and practice, our newest Athlete of the Month has been working hard to improve.  Anthony McBride has continuously put in the work and extra time to strengthen his athletic potential.

Anthony is a mainstay at the 1700 class and is constantly trying to improve and progress with all movements and skills. During the Open season, his hard work and extra time spent before and after classes really paid off. He hit two huge PRs during the season. First, he represented in 17.2 by hitting his first bar muscle-up. Then he took on the challenge of 17.3 where he hit not one, but 5 squat snatches at 95 lbs - a major accomlishment for him!

It has been amazing to watch him conquer and overcome any challenges he may face. He always exhibits extreme effort and dedication in every class, and will still put in additional work after the WOD is completed.

Beyond that, Anthony is an amazing part of our CFCM family. The positive energy, comradery, and kindness he brings to each and every class is unparalleled. If you've been in class with him, you know what we are talking about. His progress over the past two years has really been phenomenal and we can't wait to see it continue. So, please join us in congratulating Anthony McBride in being the newest athlete of the month.