Dealing with a nagging injury is hard, but overcoming one is even harder. Our Athlete of the Month for June 2017, showed perseverance and dedication with putting in the work to rehab her injury and now put them in her rear view.

Tracey Perrick has had an outstanding month of June, but the journey started about two years ago. She started strong when she started CFCM but faced a setback first with knee pain, then shoulder pain. She could of used her shoulder injury as an excuse, but that's not what she did. No, she decided to come in early and leave late in order to mobilize and strengthen those areas.

Now fast forward to June 2017, and she is tackling most workouts at RX. She competed in her first RX competition at Flex on The Mall. It didn't stop there, she PRed her overhead squat and her power clean. Probably her most significant accomplishment has to do with overcoming that nagging shoulder injury.  A legless rope climb is something that eludes many athletes for years, especially one that has shoulder problems. In a recent WOD, where she could have easily shied away from the legless rope climbs, she stepped up and completed not one, not two, but three legless climbs.

Tracey will tell you this journey was not easy, it came from a lot of work in and out of the gym; including a focus on her diet the last three months.  Even though maintaining good nutrition can sometimes be difficult,  she knew it would be worth it.  She has been putting in hard work on her nutrition and her mobility and it shows.   These elements aren't glamorous or fun but they are necessary.  Tracey continues to work hard -  inside the gym and out - in her drive to improve herself each day.

Please join the coaches of CrossFit Critical Mass in congratulating Tracey Perrick on her accomplishments and on her selection as CFCM Athlete of the Month!