Coach duane graves

I grew up playing sports. Whether it was a backyard pick-up basketball or football game, my parents made sure I spent time on my physical fitness. Football was my sole focus throughout high school, but dreams were bigger than my dedication to be great at the sport. I joined the Navy shortly after high school, where training and physical commitment became a priority that I enjoyed and embraced.

In late 2012 after leaving the US Navy, I looked for a program to supplement my physical fitness, but it was not until gaining 30 pounds and following an unhealthy diet that I decided to try CrossFit. I realized very shortly after joining CrossFit Critical Mass that I had not only found my passion, but also gained a great group of friends with common goals for fitness and health. Seeing everyone fight for success reminded me of the military and fueled me to be better. 

I decided to become a CrossFit trainer after seeing this level of support for others and the changes CrossFit made in my life. Now my focus is on becoming a better coach and athlete to help other achieve their goals. CFCM – Team, Family and Fitness!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer