I have jumped on and off the exercise wagon my entire adult life. I would join a gym and go for awhile 

and then get bored and stop going. I never felt excited to go workout. I tolerated it, at best. But most 

importantly, I would never have called myself an athlete.  My husband tried CrossFit when we were 

stationed in Florida and he loved it. Once we moved back home to Maryland, he urged me to try 

Crossfit. I walked into Crossfit Critical Mass for my first day of Foundations and almost turned around 

and walked right back out. I saw people doing things with barbells that scared me. I saw women doing 

pull-ups on the rig and thought I would never be able to do anything like them. My fear lasted about five 

minutes. The Foundations class was amazing and the environment was so supportive. I immediately felt 

at home. Every day is a different workout that challenges me in a new way.  My body composition went 

to a place it’s never been before from the building of muscles I didn’t know existed and nutrition 

support. I have completely changed the way I eat and the way I exercise. I confidently and proudly call 

myself an athlete now because I feel like a new person and am so excited to take the next step in 

coaching other athletes.



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer