I was an active child, playing baseball, soccer, swimming, cross country running, and strength training. After high school and some time in the Army I fell off the fitness wagon.

I started back into the grind like many people, doing the movements I thought were important and impressive, then mimicking the movements of the people that looked like they knew what they were doing, and reading "fitness" magazines looking for answers. Eventually, I traded the magazines for books and the CrossFit Journal.

CrossFit introduced me to several fitness communities, most notably Strongman, Olympic Weightlifting, basic Gymnastics skills and Powerlifting. They are all a constant work-in-progress that keep my workouts fresh and anything but boring.

I get genuinely excited to see the "Ah-HA!" moment in an athlete's eyes. The moment they FEEL an improvement. Whether the PR is a new 1RM, max reps, or movement quality I get at LEAST as excited as the athlete when I can be a part of the process. 



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Mobility