James Barbosa - Registered Massage Practitioner

I help athletes maximize their performance. The techniques that I use improve muscle growth, range of motion and circulation and decreases pain, knots and risk of injury. Simply put, the work I do is going to help the athlete surpass their goals, take their training to the next level and beat the competition.

I specialize in Trigger Point, deep tissue and sports massage therapy. My passion has always been to help people, as a massage therapist I get to help people for a living. I spent a year in school for massage and just started my own business a few months ago. I love what I do and would love to educate everyone reading this in the benefits of massage therapy

I am in the Army National Guard as well. I have served 7 years, including a deployment to Iraq. I chose the National Guard over active duty (full time) because I had a daughter in high school that I didn’t want to leave. My daughter Hailee is almost 9 years old and wants to be in gymnastics. Hopefully soon I will be able to support her dream and get her into a great program. In the mean time she loves working out with me.

I love working out but have only ever been in to weight lifting. Now that I am becoming part of the best crossfit gym in MD I have decided to get into the sport myself. Although, by doing that I will need a massage therapist myself. Any volunteers? I am ready to bring my training to the next level and be a better version of myself.

It’s important that you understand that my sessions are non-invasive, meaning each client will covered to their comfort level and comfortable the entire time. I communicate with my clients through the entire session to ensure pressure and conformability is perfect every time. Also, it isn’t a spa. Spa’s are great for regular people. The athlete, however, needs goal oriented therapy. Each session will be tailored to the individual athlete. You have no excuses. Become the best version of yourself, let me help.