Pilates for Crossfit

Pilates is a very versatile movement modality.  It can be incorporated into any fitness regimen as an active rest activity, warm-up, or used to realign the body at the end of a WOD.  This system of movement was created by Joseph Pilates and originally named Body Contrology.  What better place to learn and practice control of the body than at a CrossFit box?

Pilates was created on a foundation of principles; such as centering, control, balance, awareness, endurance, breath, and precision.  A regular Pilates practice will increase overall strength and flexibility, improve body and spatial awareness and muscular control; ultimately, improving overall body alignment and quality of movement.  This method of work also helps to change inherent movement patterns in the body, whether created by repetitive motion or injury.

The Pilates method is an integral part of training, helping to keep our members stay healthy enough to WOD another day.


My name is Pauline Middleton.  I have been active all my life – dabbling in a number of different sports, weight lifting, and movement modalities.  I became serious about horseback riding in High School; and still ride today.  I was involved in a severe horseback riding accident in college.  During my rehabilitation, I was introduced to Pilates.  It changed my world.  I learned how movement can heal; more than just the body.  I was able to focus my passion for the body and movement to a specific area.  I began my formal Pilates training in 2003, after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Physiological Sciences. 

Knowing my love for movement, my husband mentioned that I should try Crossfit.  MIND BLOWN – technical lifting, slinging weight around, so many ways to challenge the body and mind.  That was in 2008 and I’m still hooked.  My studies with the Pilates methodology translated so well to what I was being asked to do at CrossFit.  I love that no matter how “good” you get with CrossFit or Pilates, there is always more you can do to challenge yourself and strive to improve.  That challenge to be better keeps me coming back for more.